A Loving Father: A Short Story about Raymond

Raymond is an involved father who takes on roles that are generally reserved for the women of his village. He cooks, cleans, bathes his children and helps get them ready for school. He collects firewood and water, does the laundry and carries his kids in his arms or on his back. People whisper and gossip […]

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The 1000 Day Journey at the National Women’s Show

World Vision Canada teamed up with Rick Campanelli and Dr.Joelene Huber at the National Women’s Show. We spoke about the lifesaving interventions that the Canadian government is funding to help moms and babies in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

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1000 Day Journey Episode 4 Thumbnail1000 Day Journey Episode 4 Thumbnail

Episode 4: 1000 Day Journey

In this episode, we go back to Kenya to catch up with Joyce and Daniel. Through simple and cost-effective interventions such as biofortified crops, the 1000 Day Journey is empowering communities by nurturing food sources as resilient as its people.

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1000 Day Journey Episode 3 Thumbnail1000 Day Journey Episode 3 Thumbnail

Episode 3: 1000 Day Journey

Continue to follow 1000 Day Journey as we visit Ma Thin Thin Oo and Zin, two mothers in rural Myanmar struggling to navigate the anxieties of new motherhood with limited access to health services.

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Episode 1: What is the 1000 Day Journey

What is the 1000 Day Journey? As Canadians we have access to a healthcare system that supports us in times of need. Not everyone has this amazing resource made available to them. Take a look and understand why helping pregnant and new mothers and babies in countries like Kenya and …

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1000 Day Journey Trailer

1000 Day Journey is an initiative launched by World Vision Canada to support and promote the health of pregnant and new mothers and their babies across 5 countries, which are Kenya Tanzania, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Take a look and see what to expect from 1000 Day Journey.

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The Countries

The program is operating communities in four countries. Learn more about each country and community:

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