In February, World Vision social marketing coordinator, Katie Chung (KC), visited 1000 Day Journey programs in northern Bangladesh. A highlight of her trip was interviewing the mothers in the program.   

The 1000 Day Journey “PD Hearth” program is built on the experience of “positive deviants”—mothers who are raising healthy children despite their poor situations. With these mothers lived experience as a foundation, World Vision and local partners then add knowledge in health and nutrition best practices. The result is a successful program that is sustainable and easily scaled up in the community.  

Mousumi Rani  

17 years old

Daughter: Rekaha, 2 and a half years old

KC: What’s your greatest joy in being a mother?

Every girl wants to be a mother, I’ve achieved this. This is my joy.

KC: What kind of future are you hoping your daughter has? 

I want my daughter to be educated. I hope she’ll have a decent job – maybe teaching or a police officer, but she needs to be educated.

KC: Have there been any health issues with your daughter?

I never knew about nutritious food and a balanced diet. My child was malnourished. After being included in the PD Hearth program, I’ve gone through a 12-day course of the feeding process of a balanced diet. I started practicing it in my daily life and found that my baby was improving.

KC: What benefits did you find with exclusive breast feeding?

I never put anything except breast milk in her mouth for the first 6 months. I just noticed my baby was growing and she was healthy, but I didn’t know why. Now, after joining these sessions, I understand about the benefits and I am teaching about exclusive breast feeding to other moms in my community.

KC: What advice would you give new Canadian moms?

When a lady becomes pregnant, she must take consultation from a doctor. Have Antenatal Care check ups four times. She must have vitamins, immunizations, a plan for delivery, extra food, rest—and no heavy household chores.

KC: What’s your favourite part about having a child?

I love watching my baby eating and playing.