It has long been known that exclusive breast feeding in the first six months of life strengthens a child’s longer-term health and development. But it is not always easy to practice. The 1000 Day Journey supports young mothers who are challenged to exclusively breastfeed by cultural norms, lack of information and reduced decision-making power in their families.  

Sobita Rani

18 years old

Daughter: Puja, 5 months old

KC: What’s your favourite part of being a mom?

I love holding my baby.

KC: Were there challenges in childbirth?

Not in my pregnancy, but I had to go through the caesarian process. Since I was small and my baby was big, there would’ve been a problem with a normal delivery.

KC: Are you exclusive breast feeding your baby?

Yes. I learned this from the 1000 Day project. I put my baby on my breast within one hour of delivery. I know nothing can be given to my child except breastmilk and they’ll get all the nutrients needed.

KC: What do you love about breastfeeding?

I love feeding my baby. I love watching her take my breastmilk.

KC: What do you not like about breastfeeding?

Sometimes my baby goes to the bathroom while I feed.

KC: What advice would you give to a new mom in Canada?

Have lots of fruits, vegetables and proteins. She must take iodized salt. She should not lie on just one side while pregnant.

KC: How do you stop a baby from crying?

The mother must sing for the baby to stop them crying. The mother must also stay happy and keep the child happy as well.