Diarrhea remains a leading cause of death globally among children under age five. A recent study showed that proper hand washing can prevent up to one quarter of diarrhea episodes. In Bangladeshi communities participating in the 1000 Day Journey, the percentage of mothers practicing good hygiene has gone from 51 percent to 86 percent in the first year.


19 years old

Son: Anuvob, 2 years old

KC: How long have you been in the program?

Between one and two years.

KC: What’s one thing you have learned?

After going to the washroom, it’s important to wash your hands after, and before preparing food. The aim is to protect my children from any diseases. And also, to use sandals all the time for my baby.

KC: Have you seen changes from this?

I saw less stomach problems for the baby and myself.

KC: What makes you happy about being a mom?

My baby! After marriage I was very bored. My husband would be at work and I’d be alone. My baby’s my support. I talk to him, I play with him, I feed him.

KC: What advice would you give a Canadian mom to get the baby to stop crying?

Give the baby food it likes and talk to your baby softly. Play with your child too. You can manage your child this way. If you play with your child, then you become a child.

KC: Since you were married at a young age, do you think that it’s okay?

No, it’s not appropriate. If I didn’t get married, I’d complete my study. But due to my marriage, I didn’t complete my studies.