The Breastfeeding Blogs – Stories from Kenya


Jane, mom of 8 children, spends her free time teaching women in her community about the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding and proper nutrition, information that she wishes someone had told her when she was starting her family.

” Information can help new moms so that they don’t have the same challenges as me. “

Jane is a school teacher and a mom of 8 children—four girls and four boys. She struggled with her last two, a set of twins, recalling, “When I discovered I was pregnant again, and had all of these young children at home, I got depressed.” After seeking help, she learned about family planning, proper diet and exclusive breastfeeding – knowledge she wishes she’d had when beginning her family.

With this new information, Jane tried exclusive breastfeeding with her twins and was amazed by what she saw,

“These babies are different, they are healthier, they are performing better in school, they play more, and they don’t get sick the way the other ones do.”

Since 2013, Jane has added “Community Health Volunteer” to her list of identities. In addition to working during the day, she now volunteers three a week, helping other women benefit from the support and knowledge she believes they deserve.