The Breastfeeding Blogs – Stories from Kenya


Ruth and her husband had their first three children at a young age when they were struggling financially. In 2018, Ruth finally felt confident and ready to have another baby.

“Life was tough and now, I think my life is better.”

Ruth’s youngest child was already a young teenager when she and her husband decided to expand their family. But this time, she finally felt ready. “Life was tough and now, I think my life is better. We decided to have another baby.”

When her first 3 children were young, Ruth and her husband faced many life and financial challenges. She remembers having unstable income, and insufficient food. Her children would often be ill.

Now, although her husband often works away from home, the family is earning more money and Ruth is much less stressed. She has been able to take 4 months off work to stay home and exclusively breastfeed baby Ryan. “I’m happy because my baby is healthy and satisfied with my breast milk,” she says.

Breastmilk is free. With no additional financial burden on households, it prevents malnutrition and helps ensure a healthy start for babies in their first 1,000 days.

Ruth is worried about how she will continue to exclusively breastfeed her baby once she returns to her job in the hotel business, but she is determined to make it work for the first six months of his life.  Seeing how healthy Ryan is, Ruth is a believer:

“Bring up your children well, breastfeed them well, and see how their health is progressing.”