The Breastfeeding Blogs : Lydia

To Lydia, feeding time is about more than just sustenance for the body. When she breastfeeds, she likes to repeat encouragements to her son, Aman, like, “You have to eat baby, so you can grow big and strong.” Lydia believes that to be a good mom, you must love your …

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The Breastfeeding Blogs : Ruth

Ruth and her husband had their first three children at a young age when they were struggling financially. In 2018, Ruth finally felt confident and ready to have another baby. Ruth’s youngest child was already a young teenager when she and her husband decided to expand their family. But this …

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The Breastfeeding Blogs : Seteyo

Seteyo’s newborn son was born weighing 3 and a half pounds – a tragedy that would terrify any mother. Exclusive breastfeeding helped Seteyo nurse her baby back to health. When 19-year-old Seteyo gave birth to her first child, he was born underweight at just three and a half pounds. To …

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The Breastfeeding Blogs: Jane

Jane, mom of 8 children, spends her free time teaching women in her community about the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding and proper nutrition, information that she wishes someone had told her when she was starting her family. Jane is a school teacher and a mom of 8 children—four girls and …

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The Breastfeeding Blogs : Mercy

Weaning Stephanie off breast milk hasn’t been easy. Mercy’s baby knows what she likes and will sometimes refuse food. She signals to her mom that she would much rather drink breast milk. 1,000 Day Journey staff facilitate mother support groups for women in the community. The groups give expecting and …

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The Breastfeeding Blogs : Paulina

In developing countries, introducing foods too early has the risk of contaminated water and poor sanitation infecting a newborn baby. Exclusive breastfeeding is the natural antidote. Paulina learned this lesson in a way that no mother should have to. Most women living in the slums of Taveta county are unaware …

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Planting Seeds, Growing Hope

Sirajul Islam is a rice grower who lives with his wife Sokhnia and their son Shohanur in Dharmopur village. Previously, Sirajul struggled to cultivate gainful crops using traditional approaches to farming. In 2016, Sirajul discovered zinc rice. He attended an ENRICH yard meeting on zinc rice where he learned about …

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Motivational Moms: Swesthika

Diarrhea remains a leading cause of death globally among children under age five. A recent study showed that proper hand washing can prevent up to one quarter of diarrhea episodes. In Bangladeshi communities participating in the 1000 Day Journey, the percentage of mothers practicing good hygiene has gone from 51 …

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Motivational Moms: Ajmira Akter

A key part of the 1000 Day Journey is the Community Facilitators who are hired and equipped to share knowledge about nutrition, and about women’s sexual reproductive health and rights. This can be very liberating and life-giving. It can also be a challenge when families are not supportive.   Community …

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The Countries

The program is operating communities in four countries. Learn more about each country and community:

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